Thursday, August 2, 2012

Illustration Friday - Lonely

Everyone gather round, it's another entry for Illustration Friday! It's topical and just a tad bit shameful!

If you've been following my intermittent Illustration Friday entries, you should know that I'm not a stranger to creating topical illustrations that coincide with the theme. I don't normally follow celebrity gossip (or care) but it was a bit of a shock and surprise to hear that Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart of the Twilight film series had broken up due to Stewart having an illicit affair with a film director. This event, coupled with the fact that I hadn't made a topical illustration in ages, made it an ideal subject for this week's theme "Lonely".

Since the actors are known for their work on the Twilight series, I decided to create an illustration that would feature their characters (or since Stewart was out of the picture, just Pattinson) and have it be reminiscent of the theatrical posters for the series.

As an illustration, this piece felt more like an exercise (as are most of my Illustration Friday entries) as opposed to being portfolio worthy. It gave me a chance to work with layering multiple textures in the foreground and backgrounds, play around with clipping masks to gain a better understanding of how to color linework and the chance to work with texture and effects brushes further.

It's also a little shameful because I never thought that there would be a time where I'd ever draw Edward Cullen, that this is could be considered fan art and it isn't the best composition compared to my other work. I'm sure that the feeling will pass but still...

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